Applications of EBID tips include:


  • Electron cold field emitters:

                EBID tips can be used as cold electron field emitters. They are virtually point sources of electrons. The electron beam out of a EBID emitter can be focused to

                below 1 nm in scanning electron microscopes, leading to highest image resolution of such a system.


  • Ultrasharp tips for probe needles:

                EBID tips can be fabricated as needles with a diameter of 50 nm to 100 nm and a tip radius of about 10 nm. When fabricated onto the tip of a conventional probe needle                 they can be used to increase probe resolution down to the 10 nm range.


  • Ultrasmall electron emission MEMS devices:

                EBID tips can be positioned onto the surface of MEMS devices for use as ultrasmall electron emission sources. In this application the extractor electrodes are fabricated by                 e-beam lithography on MEMS chips, making the emitter as small as few micrometers in each direction. Contact pads are integrated on the MEMS chips to apply the                 extractor and emitter voltage.


  • Cryogenic electron sources:

                EBID emitters are operated without heating. This is especially useful in cryogenic applications, where power input is not allowed for reaching lowest temperatures.








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